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Ajinomoto Group

Ajinomoto Co., manufactures and markets cosmetic ingredients based on amino acids produced from natural materials.Ajinomoto Co.’s personal care ingredients are the result of many years of research on amino acids.Our proprietary ingredients and R&D capabilities support the development of a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Adeka Corporation

Founded in 1917, ADEKA is headquartered in Tokyo. Based on two core business module - chemicals and food, ADEKA Corporation supplies a variety of high-tech and high-quality unique cosmetic materials, such as: Thixotropic gelling agent (GT-730, GT-930), surfactant, and personal hygiene product, etc. The unique product structure features help clients develop high-quality cosmetics.

Applechem, LLC.

From an ordinary laboratory to a large-scale manufacturer, Applechem was founded by Dr.Samuel Lin in 2003, dedicated to developing a series of high-security, stable, and easy-to-operate products for product developers. Applechem owns a wide range products, including natural vegetable oil glue, thickener, and toner dispersant.

Arysta Health & Nutrition Sciences

Separating from Arysta Life Science Co.,Ltd on October 1, 2010, AH&NS’s business includes cosmetics, chemicals and food. By creating products and services in pharmaceuticals,animal medicines, cosmetics, health food, and plant nutrition, AH&NS aims at provide health and comfort to all.

Chiba Flour Milling Co.,Ltd

Chiba Flour Milling Co.,Ltd was founded on November 18, 1947, and mainly focuses on the R&D and selling of commercial wheat flour, pre-mix, food functional materials, and cosmetics materials. Currently, they use sugar fatty acid esterification as the core technology to provide Japanese and overseas cosmetics manufacturers with unmatched cosmetics raw materials (including thickener, film former, ester oil, etc.).

Hayashibara Co.,Ltd.(NAGASE Group)

Founded as a starch syrup manufacture in 1883, Hayashibara has grown into a company with strong research and development expertise, engaging in original and creative research. Utilizing their technological background in biotechnology and functional dyes, Hayashibara is developing a wide range of products in many areas of business.
In 2012, Hayashibara joined NAGASE Group, which enables it to globally expand using NAGASE’s expertise of market knowledge, market expansion strategies, and sales and distribution channels. Their next goal is to become an important force in new fields such as the environment and energy.

Horus Co.,Ltd

Established in March 1990, HORUS provides raw materials centered on placenta extract. Their business includes the production and sales of cosmetics, quasi- drug, health foods, and pharmaceutical raw materials. With the motto "Beautiful and Healthy," HORUS provides safe and high-quality raw materials. The development and production of raw materials are mainly based on extraction, fermentation and biotechnology from natural resources.

Ichimaru Pharcos Co.,Ltd

Located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, Ichimaru Phacos Co., Ltd is a company which specializes in the research and production of plant extracts,possessing safe and pollution-free environment for nearly half a century. Their several papers and research journals have been published internationally. Products of Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd. frequently stand out at many exhibitions and win awards. Ichimaru Pharcos belongs to one of the top five extraction manufacturers in Japan with up to 800 research and development products. Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd is an active company whose products have been sold to 40 different countries.

Nihon Emulsion Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1950, Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd, is a pioneer in the field of nonionic surfactant and has been accumulating experience for more than 60 years. New synthetic technology is used to research and develop new emulsifiers. Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd has its own R&D organic concept map which could help engineers accurately and quantitatively select the choice of emulsifier.

Seiwa Kasei Co.,Ltd

Apart from hydrolysis and purification techniques for natural materials such as proteins, Seiwa Kasei Co., Ltd also developed a combination of chemicals and chemical modification technology. Since 1998, this technology has been combined with silica gel to create hybrid polymer products with unique properties. In recent years, Seiwa Kasei have become active in challenging new fields such as the precision synthesis of the low-molecular efficient components of cosmetics.

ShanghaiHuiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd

The main businesses of Hayashibara Co., Ltd. arethe import and export trade and domestic sales of chemical raw materials, dyestuff, production machines, electronic raw materials, health products, food additives, medical equipment, and plastic products.

The Nisshin Oillio Group,Ltd

As one of the leading Japanese oil manufacturers, The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd. enjoys a 110-year history specializing in professional R&D for oil. Their product line contains edible oils, industrial oils and cosmetic oils. It provides high-safety and high-quality cosmetic oils with professional deodorization, decolorization, and synthetic technology. By using Nisshin Oillio’s oil, a variety of functions can be brought into skin-care products and cosmetics, including toner dispersion, stable emulsification, and adhesion.
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